A complete Manufacturing Execution and Manufacturing Intelligence System for all types of discrete manufacturing.

A practical, cost-effective system that expands with touchscreen PC Operator Interface, Visual Factory displays, ERP integration.

MDT-20 Machine Data Transducers connect directly to ALL your production machines regardless of their function, vintage or “intelligence.” Because the MDT-20 uses the machine’s existing electrical operating signals to collect data, installation is simple and economical: your plant electrician can install it. You can implement a System using only the MDT-20, adding a touchscreen PC Operator interface to those machines where appropriate.

Manufacturing Execution and Manufacturing Intelligence System

manufacturing execution system

The system supports all standard ProductionACE functions.

Downtime and Defect Tracking
Collect, analyze, eliminate causes for downtime with automatic downtime data capture, even those “small stops” that are impossible to track manually. Operator is prompted through the optional touchscreen PC to enter reason for down event. Optional direct electrical inputs automatically assign reasons without Operator input.

Defects are tracked three ways:

  1. From direct electrical input from equipment.
  2. From Operator input at Tablet/PC.
  3. From QC Inspection stations.

OEE Software and real-time OEE Visual Factory dashboards display the OEE “factors” Availability, Performance and Quality to reveal WHERE your manufacturing losses occur.

Production Monitoring and Reporting
Identify production inefficiencies before they become a problem. Automated manufacturing information collection eliminates unproductive labor, transcription errors and delays of manual methods.

Production Scheduling
Visual, drag-and-drop Manufacturing scheduling and production reporting system tracks shop floor activity in real time to calculate accurate job completion forecast.

Preventative Maintenance/TPM
Replace ineffectual calendar-scheduled Preventive Maintenance with proactive, usage-based PM calculated on actual equipment run hours and cycle count.

Link ERP to manufacturing for dynamic scheduling, accurate Job end forecasts, improved inventory and Work in Process accuracy, and to eliminate overruns and short runs.