Production Process MyFloorScore

Make Data Actionable With a Production Score Card

With Production Process Score Cards, you get an easy to interpret view that ranks your production, efficiency and downtime as well as plant and industry comparisons.

You Set The Criteria

  1. Connect MyFloorScore to your shop floor production equipment
  2. Automatically capture and report data every 30 seconds
  3. Set the criteria to calculate the score and adjust criteria as needed
  4. Receive an easy to interpret scorecard to rank production, efficiency, downtime as well as plant and industry comparisons

The Score Card That Makes Your Data Actionable

Accurate Real-Time Production Data

  • Machine Status (Running, Down, Issues)
  • Gross counts
  • Net counts
  • Run speed

Industry Comparison Analysis

  • Company Score – Company overall
  • Plant Score – Each plant or division
  • Machine Score – Each machine
  • Shift Score – Each defined shift
  • Employee Score – Each employee

Automatic Score Calculation

  • Operation Score
  • Waste Score
  • Downtime Score
  • Product Score
  • Material Score
  • Order Score
  • Job Score
  • Sub Job Score

Reporting How You Need It, When You Need It

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

How It Works

Collect and Analyze Data

  • Select production priorities and set the importance of conflicting priority (Speed vs Waste)
  • Automatically collect or provide the data to measure
  • Proprietary tools analyze your data

Receive Organized Feedback

  • Receive results in Production Process Score Cards
  • Compare your results to others in the industry (Their data, but your priorities)
  • View how each score compares to others within your organization and across the industry

Get Results

  • Your team will be measured based on the priorities you set
  • Adjust priorities at any time
  • Track performance over time
  • Make informed decisions with real data

Get Started Today!

See how quickly your company can benefit from our easy to use MyFloorScore Analytics and make sense of your mountain of production data. Contact us today to put the power of Production Process to work for you.