Meet the proven solution installed in every type of discrete parts manufacturing process.

Improve the Productivity of ANY Discrete Parts Manufacturing Process, Including  Equipment Without Native Data Connectivity. Connect directly to all types of production equipment through a family of Machine/Operator Data Transducers (MDT). Match your data collection, data display, operator interface and ERP integration requirements to individual machine functionality.

Installed in over 700 manufacturing facilities of all types and sizes, our clients realize at least a 10% improvement in productivity.

ProductionACE Manufacturing Operations Management and OEE Software works with a family of Machine Data Transducers (MDT) to provide real-time connectivity with ANY discrete manufacturing process. Because of its simplicity and universality of application, our Manufacturing/OEE systems are being installed in every type of discrete manufacturing process, from a 5 machine CNC operation to many multi-plant Fortune 1000 operations.

Downtime Tracking

Automatically capture, display and analyze causes for equipment downtime from ANY production machine; and Capture Reasons for Equipment Downtime.

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Production Reporting

Production Monitoring Software collects data from ANY production machine. Eliminate Manual Data Collection, Improve Inventory Accuracy, Develop True Job Costs.

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Production Scheduling

Manufacturing Scheduling & Production Tracking system with Visual Scheduler integrates shop floor activity to calculate accurate Job completion forecasts.

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OEE, Lean Six Sigma

Automate OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality) data collection for DMAIC. Implement low cost, dynamic Visual Factory displays.

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Predictive Maintenance

Replace Calendar PM with Actual Equipment Run Hours and Cycle Count Scheduling. Preventive Maintenance Software uses MDTs to collect data on machines.

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MES / ERP Integration

MES ERP integration provides visual dynamic scheduling, real-world job end forecasts, exact inventory, WIP and product cost data.

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How can you benefit?

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Tom Goecke Akro Mills

“We saved 2-3 hours per day per supervisor from each shift, and 5 hours per day for Data Entry.”

Jesse Angel, Process Improvement Analyst Inland Paperboard and Packaging

“Overall plant uptime increased 11%.”

Dennis Herdegen Etco Engineered Products

“Reduced die maintenance resets due to the PM program has saved us almost $8,000 per year.”

Dennis Herdegen, Operations Manager Engineered Products Div. of ETCO, Inc.

“By directly uploading production data from the machine monitors to the System/36, we’ve eliminated all the counting, manual keypunching, and paperwork.”

Here's some of our clients who benefit from Production Process

Production Process Clients

What would you do with a 10% increase in productivity?

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