Shop Floor Data Collection hardware and software
Production Process Shop Floor Data Collection

Real-time Data is the Key to Improved Manufacturing Productivity

Maximize your manufacturing capacity with the Production Process shop floor data collection solution.
Shop Floor Data Collection Diagram

Automate Your Data Collection to Supercharge Your Efficiency

Automate and Streamline Data Collection

Centralize data company-wide in real time so you to make faster, more effective decisions, while driving growth.

Faster Information Flow

Real-time data provides actionable insights into machine and employee efficiency, productivity, downtime, waste, estimated costs vs. actual costs, and more.

Visibility Across Your Organization

Gain unparalleled access to the most accurate information to make decisions and improve efficiency based on data.

Shop Floor Data Collection Architecture

Production Process Shop Floor Data Collection-Architecture


MDTs connect directly to ANY production machine’s electrical operating controls to collect machine downtime, production, performance and manufacturing OEE data.


MDTs automatically record downtime, and can either prompt the Operator to enter the reason for the down event, or record downtime in multiple reasons from direct machine connections.


Similarly, rejects are tracked automatically from direct machine connection(s) and from keypad Operator Input.


Plant floor and remote Production and Manufacturing OEE Scoreboards keep Operators productive and managers informed of reasons for stoppage, slowdowns.

Improve the Productivity of ANY Discrete Parts Manufacturing Process (Including Equipment)

Connect directly to all your production equipment with Machine Data Transducers (MDT’s) Without Native Data Connectivity.

  • Connect directly to all types of production equipment through a family of Machine/Operator Data Transducers (MDT)
  • Match your data collection, data display, operator interface and ERP integration requirements to individual machine functionality

    Gain real-time insight into:

    • Equipment
    • Downtime
    • Health
    • OEE
    • Utilization
    • and more

    Gain historical insight into trends across:

    • Employees
    • Machines
    • Cells
    • Shifts
    • Jobs
    • and more

    Built to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Plant

    • Reduce manufacturing downtime with Machine Data Terminals (MDT) and the ProductionAce software application
    • Manage production, machines, people and OEE in real-time across a single plant or muli-site operations
    • Gain visibility with real-time machine monitoring, downtime tracking, production monitoring and manufacturing OEE dashboards

    Manage, Track and Automate Production

    Downtime Tracking

    Automatically capture, display and analyze causes for equipment downtime from ANY production machine; and capture reasons for equipment downtime.

    Production Reporting

    Production Monitoring Software collects data from ANY production machine. Eliminate manual data collection, improve inventory accuracy, develop true job costs.

    Production Scheduling

    Manufacturing Scheduling & Production Tracking system with Visual Scheduler integrates shop floor activity to calculate accurate job completion forecasts.


    OEE, Lean Six Sigma

    Automate OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality) data collection for DMAIC. Implement low cost, dynamic Visual Factory displays.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Replace Calendar PM with actual equipment run hours and cycle count scheduling. Preventive Maintenance Software uses MDTs to collect data on machines.

    MES/ERP Integration

    MES ERP integration provides visual dynamic scheduling, real-world job end forecasts, exact inventory, WIP and product cost data.


    Display Key Performance Indicators Across the Shop Floor

    • Large screen displays can show your choice of Key Performance Indicators such as individual machine downtime and its cause, defect counts, OEE, cycle time, production rate, etc
    • Displays are color-coded to draw immediate attention to machine status and operating conditions
    KPI Large Screen Display

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