ProductionACE OEE Software

ProductionACE OEE Software is proven software, currently installed in hundreds of facilities worldwide.

ProductionACE OEE Software is a practical, proven and affordable system to help you improve the productivity of your discrete parts manufacturing process. With it you can manage production, machines, people and OEE in real-time. The system connects directly to any older, “non-communicating” production equipment through a family of Machine/Operator Data Transducers (MDT). For newer, “intelligent” equipment, OPC or MTConnect provides the connection.

ProductionACE Software works with Machine Data Transducers to provide real-time visibility into ANY manufacturing process—from a single plant to multi-site operations. The Software can also connect your manufacturing operations to any ERP and EAM/CMMS application.

Downtime Tracking
Collect, analyze, eliminate causes for downtime and rejects.

OEE Monitoring
Track machine status, analyze, and improve production efficiency

Manufacturing Scheduling
Visual production scheduler produces real-world forecasts.

Preventative Maintenance/TPM
Schedule maintenance based on actual equipment run hours and cycles.

Production Reporting
Eliminate manual data collection, transcription.

ERP Interface
Tie master production schedule to shop floor for dynamic scheduling, accurate Job completion forecasts, automatic WIP/inventory updates.

Complete OEE Software & System
Inform, empower, motivate, and improve by adding Lean Manufacturing Andon Displays for a complete system.


OEE Software Screen