Production Monitoring Software collects data directly from ANY production machine.

“The elimination of manual data entry and manual transposition errors improved our inventory accuracy by at least 20%. We saved 2-3 hours per day per supervisor from each shift, and 5 hours per day for data entry.”

Tom Goecke, Akro Mils


The ProductionACE production reporting system provides several reporting options:

  1. A variety of standard management summary reports are provided.
  2. Use Report Generator to “point and click” to develop your own report formats.
  3. Export directly into Excel to generate reports like those shown in the video.
  4. Optional large screen TV displays can be located at the machine and central locations.

Reduce unproductive data collection Labor Costs.
By eliminating manual data collection and transcription, the associated unproductive labor costs are immediately reduced and data accuracy is assured..

Improve Inventory and Work In Process Accuracy.
By updating inventory electronically with real time production monitoring you accurately track order status, Work In Process, and can automatically update ERP/MRPII system.

Determine accurate Job Standards, improve Job Costing.
It is difficult to verify Job Standards against actual activities. However with ProductionACE Manufacturing Tracking Software and MDT doing the data collection, its easy to verify actual cycle time, run time, down time, setup time and labor hour standards to develop accurate Job costs.

Custom KPI Dashboards displayed Enterprise-wide keep management informed.
Real-time Data Table screen can display any of the many data elements the system collects. See machine OEE and status, Job Hours to go, current downtime reason, average cycle time or production rate, etc.   Color coding immediately flags potential problems such as an OEE decline, machine slowdowns, stoppages, etc.


Production Reporting


“Managing our operations used to be difficult. Presses supposed to be running (especially full auto) many times were not, and often went unnoticed. There is no longer unaccounted for downtime because the information is automatically printed at the end of each shift.”

Ronald Cecchi, Plant Manager, Korris Products, Inc.