ERP Interface

ERP integration provides dynamic scheduling, real-world Job end forecasts, exact inventory, WIP and product cost data.

  • ERP downloads production requirements to individual machines, and then the system dynamically tracks job progress, automatically adjusts job completion date by factoring in actual equipment performance, jobs in the queue and scheduled maintenance.
  • The system alerts to machine and tooling scheduling conflicts, so scheduling changes and “what if” scenarios can be run immediately.
  • Job parts made, rejects, job hours remaining and job parts to go—all are tracked and displayed in real-time.
  • You can easily view and coordinate production schedules of remote operations/satellite plants.

Eliminate unproductive manual labor and transcription errors of manual ERP data collection.

The system exports to ERP– both at shift and job end–completed parts, material consumed, direct labor, downtime and real-time feedback on job starts, status and completions.

Improve inventory and WIP accuracy; eliminate overruns and short runs with a real-time “window” on operations.

  • Track rejects at the machine, automatically as it occurs, for accurate parts-to-go and job hours to go.
  • Eliminate the need for wasteful production over-runs to compensate for possible scrap.
  • Automatically track time spent and rejects made during setup and job change-over.
  • Identify potential problems with real-time visibility—both on user workstations and throughout the plant on large screen TV displays as well as mobile devices.

Gather real-world data for ERP to improve job costing.

Analyze historical Job performance to improve ERP job costing and scheduling performance: Track OEE, run time, down time, average cycle time, average production rate, setup and Job change time.

"We realized a reduction in setup times of 40%, or 1,941 hours annually. The ROI works out to be approximately 3 months."

David Elks - General Manager, SciMed Precision, Trajan Scientific and Medical

“We saved 2-3 hours per day per supervisor from each shift, and 5 hours per day for Data Entry.”

Tom Goecke - Akro Mills

“Reduced die maintenance resets due to the PM program has saved us almost $8,000 per year.”

Dennis Herdegen - Etco Engineered Products

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