Improved delivery performance and customer satisfaction with production scheduling

box makingProblem: Scheduling of downstream operations such as die cutting and folding is difficult in box making because operators are forced to run products as material becomes available. The scheduling department knows what must be accomplished within a given period of time, but due to complex issues cannot predict the exact order that jobs may be processed. Answering delivery questions from customers and customer service people usually required someone walking into the plant to verify what was in production and when it would be completed.

Solution: ProductionACE with MDT-150 and barcode wand input was installed. Now, when operators scan in the work order to run, the system recalculates the estimated start and end dates for this and subsequent box making jobs in the queue, based on the current speed of the machine, parts to go, and shift schedule. Networked PCs display in graphical form the Job Queue for the entire box making shop.

Bottom Line Results: Customer service and planning staff can quickly establish order priorities and provide more accurate delivery dates. Analysis of historical data helps establish accurate job costs to maintain profitability.