Automate OEE Lean Six Sigma DMAIC data capture; from a single machine……. to the entire production floor.

"From the automatically collected OEE data we were able to identify the key elements that are involved with setting up our CNC machines, and to reduce these times and provide an improved delivery service to our customers.

We realized a reduction in setup times of 40%, or 1,941 hours annually. The ROI works out to be approximately 3 months."

David Elks General Manager
SciMed Precision, Trajan Scientific and Medical


MES for manufacturing

MDT-20 Machine Data Transducers connect directly to ANY production machine to collect real-time production, performance and equipment OEE data.

  •  Establish performance baselines as basis to monitor and evaluate improvements.
  • Track OEE Six Big Losses—in real-time and historically—to identify bottlenecks and constraints.
  • Measure process capability, collect and analyze root causes of downtime and defects.
  • Evaluate Production Flow; record rate, cycle time, small stops, downtime, and running below standard.
  • Track in real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Availability, Performance, Quality.
  • For TPM, implement Predictive Maintenance based on equipment cycle count, run hours.
  • SMED/Setup Reduction: record & analyze each task/step in the process.
  • Implement Control Plans that visualize “live”, as well as historical performance data.
  • Use real-time Visual Factory displays that inform operators, managers, alert to process deterioration

Expand the system with Tablet/PC Operator Interface to track and analyze causes of downtime and defects, and inform and involve Operator in TPM program.

manufacturing execution system

Add the Touchscreen PC Operator Interface for data display, data entry, Operator feedback and “alert” functions. Only a single software site license is required for unlimited MDT-20/PC and networked PC Workstations.

Expand with low cost, real-time productivity/OEE displays, custom KPI dashboards using large screen TVs.

Use Web browser to develop your own real-time KPI dashboards and production displays. Keep Operators and Managers informed, involved and productive

OOE software


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