Intelligent MDT-20 Machine Data Transducer for Production Machine Data Collection

MDT 20 Machine Data TransducerMDT-20 provides up to four (24V to 230V AC/DC) connections to production machine’s operating controls. Automatically collect production, productivity and OEE data, run time, down time, cycle time, production rate, part and reject counts, end-of-line Case or Part count. MDT-20 tracks downtime in three different reasons:

  1. When machine is powered off. (A “must” for OEE and TEEP calculations).
  2. When machine is running slower than Job Standard.
  3. When one or two machine circuits are activated, such as from a fault
    detector or out-of-material sensor, etc.

Also required for OEE calculation, MDT-20 tracks Rejects directly from a Reject Input, or indirectly by comparing Parts made with end-of-line Part/Case counter.

MDT operating power is connected to machine’s internal 120V or 230V AC main power. Supplied with wired or wireless Ethernet plant-floor communications.

The MDT-20 can be expanded with a low cost touch screen Tablet PC Operator Interface.

tablet production job

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This is a very cost-effective MES and shop floor control system with standard and custom Functions:

  • Operator enters 40 downtime reasons, 20 reject reasons & quantity
  • Selecting next Job in Job Queue on PC or with Bar Code wand.
  • Entering Non-Scheduled Mode–important for OEE.
  • Entering Setup Mode—MDT can automatically track Rejects in Setup.
  • Real-time OEE display including Availability, Performance, Quality
  • Log on Operator and Maintenance staff for performance tracking.
  • Machine Lockout output ensures Operator enters down reason.
  • Plant-floor communications: MDT-20 to Tablet is Bluetooth, Tablet to system Poller PC is Ethernet (wired or wireless).

MDT-20/Tablet is an “intelligent” link from ANY production floor to ERP.

ERP Integration  provides dynamic scheduling, real-world Job end forecasts, exact inventory, WIP and product cost data…and much more.