Improved competitive edge in a commodity business with Production Tracking Software

production-tracking-software-filmconverterProblem: A manufacturer selling to printing industry had difficulty documenting that they were reaching their monthly production numbers. Because employees used manual production tracking for quantities and downtime, the information was often missing or wrong. Additionally, an attempt at maintaining a daily “tally board” required a large amount of non-productive labor.

Solution: ProductionACE with MDT-150 was installed on 8 lines. Now, employees continuously view their progress toward daily production goals, while managers can see shop floor problems in real-time and react quickly, thus ensuring production goals are met.

Bottom Line Results: Management discovered that many current standards for operations and machine setup were incorrect and a significant amount of downtime was not properly captured. With results from ProductionACE (production tracking software), standards are now based on real world conditions and continuously tracked. When setup times exceed standards, action is taken to reduce setup time or modify production standards. Additionally, historical reports identify products that consistently run with poor efficiency, so prices can be adjusted or the product removed from the product line.