Reduced downtime while improving margins with production reporting

production-reporting-software-metalProblem: Specialty stamper needed to improve profit margins to compete with offshore competitors.

Solution: After installing latest CAD/CAM and EDM systems, and a new ERP system, this 28-press manufacturer realized that they needed to focus on the heart of the business — manufacturing. They installed ProductionACE with MDT-150: its real-time displays enable supervisors to see which jobs are running, press speed and status. The MDT’s batch counter, downloaded automatically with each job, stops the press when a run is complete. When a machine goes down, the operator enters the cause with just three keystrokes by referring to the printed menu on the MDT (but an MDT option provides direct interface to die fault sensing systems).

Bottom Line Results: Improved productivity brought lower costs that enabled stamper to stay competitive and profitable. Customer responsiveness improved through use of ProductionACE’s visual Job Queue that provides accurate answers to customers’ requests for order ship date. The Job Queue also provides ability to run “what if” scenarios without disturbing existing schedule. Analysis of the downtime cause data provides basis for improving press productivity. Finally, production data is automatically exported to ERP system for accurate inventory control with production reporting.