Large 65-Machine Plasticware Supplier

Improved preventive maintenance and minimized job interruption

preventive maintenance software plasticsProblem: Efficiencies were low and management had to find out why production was in fact incurring more downtime than reported by their cumbersome manual systems. Additionally, all too often jobs were interrupted during job run.

Solution: MDT-150 system automatically tracks machine and die usage by actual number of hours and rotations or impressions. When 90% of user-set limits is reached, the system outputs a maintenance “to do” list.

Bottom Line Results: The production scheduler knows before a job is run if the tooling will last the entire run — no more downtime or waste or interrupted jobs due to degradation or machine component failure during a job. As maintenance history builds, preventive maintenance efficiency becomes more effective because staff will know exactly when to schedule PM

Client feedback:

“Calendar-based maintenance with over 65 production machines requiring monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance was very ineffective. Our workhorse machines were left waiting, while under-utilized machines received unneeded attention. Tracking and performing maintenance by cycle count insures fast running machinery receives the maintenance they require. Now we can focus on the highly utilized equipment, and insure they run without any issues.”