Implemented world class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

AA036631Problem: To improve productivity and profitability, corporate mandated improving plant Overall Equipment Effectiveness to world-class levels within two years. But manual OEE measurements were not accurate and required non-productive labor for manual tracking, resulting in a paperwork nightmare.

Solution: ProductionACE with MDT-150 was installed in eight plants. The system automatically collects productivity and downtime information in real time and also enables operators to monitor their own performance at the machine. Management — using standard networked PCs — views the status of each machine and department, taking action to resolve productivity issues as they occur. Historical reports allows management to identify machine, product, or shift issues and create proactive plans to identify, reduce or eliminate problems.

Bottom Line Results: Monthly equipment reviews are supported by facts and backed up with action plans. Several plants are quickly approaching world class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) levels.