Installed part audit trail system with real-time OEE

Automotive OEE softwarreProblem: A tier-one automotive supplier was required to create an audit trail for each part it manufactured. Initially they used hand-held labeling devices to label each part. The device only provided the date and operator number, but many parts were mislabeled with the incorrect date.

Solution: The manufacturer installed ProductionACE with MDT-150 equipped with the barcode printer option on his molding presses. As each mold cycle occurs, the printer prints labels which are applied by the operator. Label information includes both bar code and alphanumeric data. Other system features include a large Andon data display for each machine that provides real-time OEE and performance calculations, machine status (run, slow, down, setup) as well as a “time to job change” to alert crews to prepare for a mold change.

Bottom Line Results: The incidence of improperly labeled parts has dropped dramatically, resulting in an improved supplier rating from their customers. The system also enables operators to continuously monitor their own performance, and managers can observe the overall picture in real-time to resolve production problems in a timely fashion. Additionally, machine setup personnel know exactly when a Job changeover will be needed, allowing them to plan for efficient Job change.