Achieve the ultimate visibility over machine loading in every division on line and analyze downtime causes

downtime-tracking-software-molderProblem: An injection molding company with multiple divisions incurred poor productivity and delayed orders due to manually scheduling each production facility. Some plants ran with a large backlog, while other facilities ran product for inventory that was not needed.

Solution: ProductionACE with MDT-150 was installed on all machines in each plant. Now headquarters has the ability to view the order backlog at each location and re-schedule products to meet customer demand. This centralized scheduling has also allowed for improved asset management as a result of improved scheduling of preventative maintenance. As PM becomes due, work orders are shifted to other facilities to insure that the preventative maintenance occurs at correct intervals without interrupting production.

Bottom Line Results: Individual divisions now run as a unit due to the improved communication and ability to view production schedule in every plant in real-time. On-time delivery has improved as a result of 1) better understanding each division’s work load, and 2) ability to dynamically re-distribute work orders to meet customer demand. An additional benefit: the ability to collect and analyze downtime causes allows managers to focus on manufacturing problems that interfere with meeting productivity goals.