Medical Devices

CNC OEE System supports Lean Manufacturing initiatives for medical device supplier.

Lean manufacturing system for medical device manufacturer

Problem: An Australian operation of an international supplier of precision medical devices needed to implement Lean Manufacturing as mandated by corporate. They wanted a practical means to accurately measure current performance and monitor and document the effectiveness of Continuous Improvement initiatives. Manual data collection methods were impractical, and their Swiss-style CNC lathes did not have provision for collection of production, productivity and OEE data such as MTConnect or OPC so that ruled out , expensive, “high-end” systems that interfaced directly to the CNC controller.

Solution:  A production reporting and OEE Software system consisting of MDT-40 Operator/Machine Interfaces and Job Manager Software was installed.  To develop the discrete machine operating signals for the MDT-40 was a simple process, said the user:

The most important thing is to ascertain if the CNC has any spare “G” or “M” codes.  Many of our “G” code functions are used for specific movements within the machine.   We were lucky to find one that connected to a physical function we didn’t require, and it was a relatively simple task of tracing the wires back to the solenoid that drives the “G” command,then connect that to the MDT signal input.

Once the physical connection has been established we can then modify the CadCam post processor to output the specific “G” code in correct sequence in the CNC program. Alternately you can modify the CNC program and manually enter the “G” code. We have thousands of CNC programs and given the “tweaking” required to set these multi-axis machines to add a simple “G” code to the program is the least of our worries.

The MDT-40 automatically records downtime when no part has been produced for a part-specific cycle time and prompts the Operator to enter a reason for the downtime through the MDT keypad. A simple proximity sensor input to the MDT provides an out of bar stock signal from the bar feeder to track downtime from that occurrence.