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ERP INTERFACE: Link ERP Systems to the Production Floor

Automated inventory updates to ERP eliminate unproductive labor hours and attendant transcription errors.

  • Advanced ERP Interface exports finished goods, Work in Process, material consumed, direct labor and real-time feedback on job starts, completions and status, both at shift and job end.
  • Accurate inventory counts minimize the need for “safety stock” and reduce physical inventory counting.

“Our perpetual inventories are electronically and accurately updated. We no longer manually record and key punch inventory production transactions. By directly uploading production data from the machine monitors to the System/36, we’ve eliminated all the counting, manual keypunching, and paperwork.”

Update ERP Master Production Schedule with actual shop floor activity for accurate Job completion forecasts.

ProductionACE can assign an ERP’s Master Production Schedule to individual machines or place them in a “bullpen” for the Production Scheduler to assign them.

  • Once Jobs are loaded, the system allows the Production Scheduler to run “what if” scenarios to see the impact of rush orders, schedule changes, or changes in production equipment status immediately.
  • Jobs projected to be late are flagged immediately .
  • You can even track job progress from remote operations/satellite plants using a smartphone or tablet.

Improve inventory accuracy: Eliminate overruns, short runs; record scrap parts as they are being made.

Without the ability to track scrap/rejects/waste at the machine as they occur, Parts to Go for the Job are not accurate, so schedule accuracy suffers and production runs may be short.

  • ProductionACE improves inventory accuracy eliminating the need for inefficient over-runs to compensate for possible scrap.
  • ProductionACE automatically tracks Rejects made during Setup/Changeover, so Job Parts to Go calculations are automatically updated ensuring the correct number of Parts are produced.
  • Operators can view accurate Job Hours to Go calculations to plan for efficient and timely Job changeover.
  • Compare ProductionACE’s finished goods with ERP Warehouse records to identify lost/mislabeled product.

“The system counts production as rejects during set up, so we were able to focus on those machines that were exhibiting high reject rates, identifying the critical few from the trivial many. Efficiencies have increased by 4% as a result of reduced rejects and downtime.”

Improve the productivity of any ERP system with ProductionACE.

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