Since 1972 Production Process has been supplying standard and custom data collection instruments and systems to all types and sizes of discrete parts manufacturers, from a two-machine molder to dozens of multi-plant, Fortune 500 users. We know the shop floor and how to improve your manufacturing productivity at a reasonable cost.

Automotive Parts Supplier. Installed audit trail system with real-time OEE.
Box maker/printer. Improved delivery performance and customer satisfaction with production scheduling.
Multi-plant molder. Now sees machine loading in every division online and analyzes downtime causes.
Injection molder. Now runs lights out, but still “sees” production floor with machine monitoring.
Multi-plant food products manufacturer. Implemented world-class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
Film/foil converter. Improved competitive edge in a commodity business with production tracking software.
Major newspaper. Eliminated press holds due to short editions with improved overall efficiency.
Medical devices. CNC OEE system supports Lean Manufacturing initiatives for medical device supplier.
Metal stamper.  Stamped out downtime while improving margins with production reporting.
Folding carton converter/printer. Improved job cost accuracy and customer responsiveness with job tracking software
Plastics supplier. Improved preventive maintenance to minimize job interruptions.
ERP for multi-plant molder. Saved 5000 man-hours per year with automated manufacturing data collection.