About Production Process

Production Process was founded in 1972 to develop custom controls and instruments. Industry acceptance of our patented single function data display instruments (30,000 in the field) led to the development of intelligent communicating, multi-function instruments—Machine Data Transducers (MDT). Our supporting Windows software – ProductionACE—continues to evolve with additional capabilities. Because of its simplicity and “universality” of application, our systems are being installed in every type of discrete parts manufacturing process.

ProductionACE OEE System

OEE SoftwareProductionACE works in conjunction with Machine Data Transducers to provide real-time visibility into ANY manufacturing process—from a single plant to multi-site operations. ProductionACE can also connect your manufacturing operations to any ERP and EAM/CMMS application. Main features include:

  • Downtime Tracking
    Collect, analyze, eliminate causes for downtime and rejects.
  • OEE Monitoring
    Track machine status, analyze, and improve production efficiency
  • Manufacturing Scheduling
    Visual production scheduler produces real-world forecasts.
  • Preventative Maintenance/TPM
    Schedule maintenance based on actual equipment run hours and cycles.
  • Production Reporting
    Eliminate manual data collection, transcription.
  • ERP Interface
    Tie master production schedule to shop floor for dynamic scheduling, accurate Job completion forecasts, automatic WIP/inventory updates.
  • Complete OEE Systems
    Inform, empower, motivate, and improve by adding Lean Manufacturing Andon Displays for a complete system.

Comprehensive Support

Production Process supports systems all over the world and provides “live” training and support via GoToMeeting. Free technical support and software updates are provided for licensed system users and licenses are renewed yearly. Support staff is available during regular business hours and after hours on request. MDT hardware is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for one year.

We Know the Factory Floor

ProductionACE is installed in more than 500 manufacturing facilities worldwide, from a small, eight-machine plant to many large, multi-plant Fortune 1000 operations.

Made in the USA – Production Process sells, supports and services its products from its Londonderry, New Hampshire, U.S. location.

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