Improve the Productivity of ANY Discrete Parts Manufacturing Process, Including Production Equipment Without Native Data Connectivity

ProductionACE Manufacturing Operations Management and OEE Software works with Machine Data Transducers (MDT) to provide real-time visibility into ANY manufacturing process—from a single plant to multi-site operations. ProductionACE can also connect your manufacturing operations to any ERP application.

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Machine data collection with MDT-150 machine transducer.


Automatically capture, display and analyze causes for equipment downtime from ANY production machine; and Capture Reasons for Equipment Downtime.
Production Monitoring Software collects data from ANY production machine. Eliminate Manual Data Collection, Improve Inventory Accuracy, Develop True Job Costs.
Visual Scheduler Manufacturing scheduling & production tracking system integrates shop floor activity to calculate accurate Job Completion Forecasts.
Use real-time manufacturing productivity dashboards to keep operators engaged & management informed. View data on PCs, Tablets & Mobile Devices.
Replace Calendar PM with Actual Equipment Run Hours and Cycle Count Scheduling. Preventive Maintenance Software uses MDTs to collect date on machines.
MES ERP integration provides visual dynamic scheduling, real-world job end forecasts, exact inventory, WIP and product cost data.

We Know the Factory Floor

OEE Systems
ProductionACE is installed in more than 500 manufacturing facilities worldwide, from a small, eight-machine plant to many large, multi-plant Fortune 1000 operations. Because of its simplicity and “universality” of application, our OEE systems are being installed in every type of manufacturing process.

Comprehensive Support

Software and Scheduling Support
MDT hardware is warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for one year. Licensed users receive free support and system upgrades. We are customer-focused and routinely develop custom MDT and System Software modifications. We believe in long term relationships: for example we routinely upgrade 18 year old DOS systems to Windows.

About Production Process

Production Process
Development in 1980 of patented, single-function manufacturing data display instruments led to the development of intelligent, multi-function instruments—Machine Data Transducers (MDT)–and supporting ProductionACE Windows software. By listening to our users we continue to expand our offerings.

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